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Little Shop of Horrors



I am writing to inform you that due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the announced closure of The Point Theatre until August 2020, we have been forced to cancel our production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’


This is something which we always knew was a possibility in the current climate, however, it was made official yesterday by the venue. Therefore, I have cancelled all auditions on Sunday as we’ll look to do them live next year before hopefully restaging the show. I know how disappointing this news is for you and how hard some of you have worked on preparing for your audition.


As I said, we are looking to restage the show next summer at around the same time and everyone who has applied this year will be eligible to take part in the production. We will use the same audition material, so the work you have put in won’t have gone completely to waste. As I’m sure you can imagine this is very hard for us in the creative team as well, having put a lot of work into trying to get this show and the auditions to work. We continued fighting until the decision was eventually made for us. 


On a more positive note, we look forward to our next production of ‘Shrek the Musical.’ This is incredibly exciting and a massive production, I hope that you all will want to take part. We are hoping to audition this at sompoint in the coming summer holidays and start rehearsing very soon after, though this is unconfirmed at the moment. It will be something very special, I have absolutely no doubt. 


I’d like to take this opportunity to quickly thank all our new members who were going to audition for Little Shop. I hope that you will want to join us again for Shrek and other future productions. We will also have a meet and greet event when this is all over where you can meet us and our existing members. Please keep on checking the website and I hope that you will all join us for what will be an incredible show.


I’m so sorry that I have to deliver this news to you. This cast was shaping up to be nothing short of amazing and I hope I can see and work with you all soon. There will be a public announcement to all our members shortly but we thought that you had the right to be told this information first. 


Thank you to every single one of you both new and existing members and I hope we can do this show next year with as many of you as possible.  


Make no mistake, we will be back!




This audition process will be a large learning curve for all of us and we all appreciate it is not ideal.


In the 'AUDITION MATERIAL' link below you will find 2 versions of each audition piece.


They are as follows:

Version 1 – This has the vocal line for you to learn (as well as some of the piano part), and is labelled as the character part with tune.

Version 2 – This has only the piano part apart from a couple of points as detailed and is labelled as the character part.


For your audition you will be required to use version 2.


If you need the tracks sent to you as midi files, please contact and these can be emailed across to you.  


You must be able to play the audio track and then sing to it so we can hear both. I cannot help in any way as once my microphone goes live on Go to Meeting yours will cut out.


Don’t worry if you make a mistake or don’t stay with the track, this is a difficult process for anyone.


Nigel will be doing a presentation on Sunday at 2pm of the audition music with a chance for you to ask questions (via the chat), which will be answered as best we can.

Little Shop of Horrors Vocal Ranges


Seymour              A2 – A4                High Baritone

Audrey                 A3 – D5                Mezzo Soprano

Crystal                  Bb3 – G5             Soprano

Chiffon                 A3 – F5                 Mezzo Soprano

Ronette               Ab3 – D5             Mezzo Soprano / Alto

Mushnik               A2 – Gb4              Baritone

Orin                      G2 – E4                Bass

Audrey II             G2 – G4                Baritone

Bernstein             D3 – C4                Any voice part

Mrs Luce             D4 – C5                Any voice part

Skip Snip              D3 - C4                 Any voice part


This uses the standard convention that Middle C is denoted at C4, then counting up from there goes D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5.

There is little difference in the vocal ranges of the three girls but Crystal is the highest and Ronette the bottom with Chiffon in the middle in most of the three part harmony (although not always).       



Date: Sunday 5th April 2020

Place: Online - Go To Meeting

Time: Meeting will open at 5.30pm ready for a 6.00pm start.


Access Code: 577-552-365


- Please can we ask that where possible, there is only one active camera per household.


- Your camera will need to be active. It is up to you whether you wish your microphone to be active or not.


- At 6.00pm, all microphones will be muted by the Presenter. We politely request that you leave your microphone muted throughout as more than one noise distorts the sound for all attendees.


- In the top right hand corner, is an image of a speech bubble. This is the Chat Log and will be monitored throughout the presentation. Please use this for any questions and the relevant person will respond at an appropriate time.


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Following a short break since Peter Pan and in the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic, here at CPYT, we are planning ahead to operate as normal with regards to our Summer production.  




Under current Government guidelines, we are clearly unable to hold a Launch Event at The Arch as we would usually.  Therefore, we are trying a different approach and the Launch event will take place in the form of a Video Conference.  


The date is now confirmed 


SUNDAY 5th April 2020




Join us to meet members of the Creative Team, find out more about the production itself, find out key dates and information and most importantly of all a chance to chat and catch up / meet new people.  


The conference is completely informal and please feel free to spread the word.