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Little Shop of Horrors

The video containing the dance for auditions is too large to upload here.  If you would like a copy please email and Mike will send it across to you- 

Audition Forms will be available in the next day or two.  Please bear with us.  




In the 'AUDITION MATERIAL' link below you will find 2 versions of each audition piece.


They are as follows:

Version 1 – This has the vocal line for you to learn (as well as some of the piano part), and is labelled as the character part with tune.

Version 2 – This has only the piano part apart from a couple of points as detailed and is labelled as the character part.


For your audition you will be required to use version 2.


If you need the tracks sent to you as midi files, please contact and these can be emailed across to you.  

Little Shop of Horrors Vocal Ranges


Seymour              A2 – A4                High Baritone

Audrey                 A3 – D5                Mezzo Soprano

Crystal                  Bb3 – G5             Soprano

Chiffon                 A3 – F5                 Mezzo Soprano

Ronette               Ab3 – D5             Mezzo Soprano / Alto

Mushnik               A2 – Gb4              Baritone

Orin                      G2 – E4                Bass

Audrey II             G2 – G4                Baritone

Bernstein             D3 – C4                Any voice part

Mrs Luce             D4 – C5                Any voice part

Skip Snip              D3 - C4                 Any voice part


This uses the standard convention that Middle C is denoted at C4, then counting up from there goes D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5.

There is little difference in the vocal ranges of the three girls but Crystal is the highest and Ronette the bottom with Chiffon in the middle in most of the three part harmony (although not always).