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Legally Blonde Cast List

A huge congratulations to everyone who auditioned for our production of Legally Blonde.  The decision process was incredibly difficult and we look forward to working with everyone over the coming months to create another CPYT production to remember. 


So the cast list still has many roles yet to be cast but as it stands reads as follows:


Elle Woods                          -    Madison Cooper

Warner Huntington III          -    Toby Naylor

Emmett Forrest                   -    Luke Barker

Vivienne Kensington           -    Matilda Bell

Callahan                              -    Tyler Convery

Paulette Buonufonte           -     Ebony Deas

Margot                                 -    Amber Haverly

Serena                                -     Bethany Williams

Pilar                                    -     Hannah-Land Jones

Enid Hoopes                       -     Darcey Lemon

Brooke Wyndham               -     Alex Harrison

Kate                                    -     Zoe Wilcox

Gaelan                                -     Allana Duncan

Leilani                                 -     Amy Marsden

Kyle                                    -     Eddie Jones

Dewey                                -     Toby Peters

Nikos Argitakos                  -     Harvey Payne

Dad                                     -    Dieter Curran

Carlos                                 -    Hamish Naylor

Grand Master Chad           -     Eddie Jones

Aaron Schultz                    -     Harvey Payne

Sandeep Padamadan        -     Hamish Naylor

Winthrop                             -     Toby Peters

Lowell                                 -      Cameron Wood

Pforzheimer                        -      Patrick Grice

Chutney Wyhdham             -     Jessica Lintott