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Loserville Trip - FINAL PLANS

To those coming on the trip to watch Loserville at The Union Theatre, London on Saturday.  Please find below the final plans for the day


Loserville Trip

Sat 7th March 2014.

Okies… So you have paid £22 for your ticket to watch Loserville at The Union Theatre, London.  Please find below the information required for the day itself.  Let Mike know if you have any problems. 


12:30 prompt – Meet outside the main entrance of Eastleigh train station.


Train Costs

Under 16 - £7.00 – Off Peak Day Return to London Waterloo

Over 16 - £15.00 – Off Peak Day Return to London Waterloo


12:47 – Train departs Eastleigh – WE WON’T WAIT FOR ANYONE WHO IS LATE!


14:12 – Arrive at London Waterloo.


14:30 – 17:30 – Wander The Embankment etc.  Drink and dinner.  If you are Under 16 then you must stay with the main group.  If you are 16 or over, you may do your own thing once in London unless Mike or Laura hear from your parents to say otherwise.  But you must make sure that you have phone numbers for Mike, Kelly and/or Laura and that at least one of them has your number.  It would be advisable to stay in small groups and not to go off alone.  If you are not familiar with London or where you are going, then it would be best to stay with the main group.



We will not be going anywhere fancy, but please remember it is likely to be London prices.  Please make sure you have enough money to cover whatever you are going to have. 


No Later than 18:00 – Meet at The Union Theatre.  Adults will NOT wait outside if you are late!!!


1930 – Loserville – Please make sure you have money for programme, drinks etc if you want.  We will not be able to lend anyone money. 


Train home – We are unsure what time the show will finish.  Therefore, we will aim for either the 22:39 or 23:05 train from Waterloo.  This gets us back to Eastleigh for either 00:02 or 00:19.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LIFT SORTED.  After a long day, I do not want to have to wait for lifts to turn up!! Please ensure that you have a way of contacting your parents on the journey home so you can keep them updated with the arrival time.


If you need to carry any medication, please make sure that at least one of the adults knows what you need and when. 


The emergency contact number for the day is 07724 649797 or 07825 181638.


If you have any further questions, then please contact Mike.