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Elegies - NODA Regional Councillor comments

Dear Mike, Cast & Crew


Last night was very thought provoking and took quite a lot of assimilation. The performers excelled themselves.  The performance of a script to camera without audience appreciation is exceptionally difficult but they seemed to manage with ease even the section which were very difficult to put over.  The singing, particularly the duets and quartets were well rehearsed and the emotion really came through.  The musical trio created a really good sound. The simple set worked well and the technical backup team obviously had to work hard with some difficult issues to resolve not of their making.  Simple but effective.


I cannot say it was an evening of delight but complex issues laid bare - thought provoking. Your audiences tonight and tomorrow will thoroughly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this production.


Thank you for your kind invitation and I look forward to Shrek.


Kind Regards