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Seussical CAST LIST

Evening all.


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst our creative team worked to ensure that we got the best possible casting for this production.


I can confirm that the creative team of Seussical have now cast the production and we are in a position to announce the cast list.


As we always say, it has been a difficult process and we understand that there will be some disappointments. Having spoken with the creative team, this production is being set in such a way that the cast will be onstage for the majority of the production.


If you have any question relating to the audition process, please contact Harry, Lisa or Nigel who will provide feedback.




Cat in the Hat                                           Alex Harrison

Sour Kangaroo                                         Matilda Bell

Mayzie                                                     Amy Marsden

General Schmitz                                      Eddie Jones

Young Kangaroo                                      Izzy Jones

Wickersham Brothers                              Isaac Lee,

                                                                 Ollie Jones                                                                                                                                                      Tyler Convery

Horton                                                      Oscar Farrimond

Bird Girls                                                  Holly Hackett,                                                                                                                                                  Lauren Hackett                                                                                                                                                Tabitha Read

Gertrude                                                  Zoe Wilcox

Yertle the Turtle                                       Ciara Harman

Mayor                                                      Harvey Payne

Mrs Mayor                                               Bethan Whitear

Grinch                                                      Allana Duncan

Jo-Jo / Boy                                              Blake Whent


Dance Team

Immie Crabtree, Jodi Stapleton and Holly Hellyar



Eva Angell-Collins, Jiles Boote, Abbie Brett, Sophie Carreras, Jasmine Crabtree, Shannon Dawkins, Hannah Edwards, Emma Garland, Rachael Harris, Summer Hughes, Darcey Lemon, Abigail Moore, Toby Peters, Olivia Robinson, Georgia Sawyer, Matilda Sykes and Cameron Wood.


The Who’s

Jessica Archer, Harriet Blaker, Jacob Bucknell, Louise Bucknell, Erin Hegarty, Alexander Kinloch, Gabi Meech, Emily Parsons, Holly Parsons, Bethany Quinn, Paul Starks and Lucy Todd.


Sign On packs will be distributed at weekly sessions this week. If you do not attend these sessions, it is important that you attend next Sunday (11th June) between 2pm and 5pm


If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian as all paperwork will need to be completed on the day.


We would be most appreciative if the show fee can be paid on this day as well. However, understand that this is very short notice and therefore will accept payment at the first rehearsal if this is more convenient.


Any questions regarding this or the overall production, please do not hesitate to contact Mike (Chairman and Production Manager) on 07984 989842 or